A new, innovative railway track construction process

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For the past several decades, railway track construction has used the same process with very little development. Using modern technology presents many new options for laying tracks. Stabirail has recently pioneered a railway construction process centered on the use of ballastless or slab track. Ballastless track offers far more stability than regular track and experiences little to no deformation. This offers comfort at high speed and many more advantages. Furthermore, such tracks have a much shallower construction height, allowing them to be laid in many locales. Stabirail’s base of operations in Belgium grants them an ideal location for delivering their expertise and products. Keep reading to learn more about their ingenious new process for railway track construction.

Easy tracklaying using ballastless tracks

The ballastless tracks that Stabirail offers are typically assembled in several easy steps. Initially, a concrete milling train passes through, cutting out rail beds from the concrete with accuracy up to 2 mm. Following it is the drilling train, which cuts the holes to anchor the tracks with using a diamond-tipped drill. At last the anchoring train makes its appearance, locking the tracks into place. A main advantage of this railway track construction process is the speed with which it can be done, without compromising on track quality. Quite the opposite, in fact; the long service life that ballastless tracks enjoy keeps maintenance costs to a minimum.

A perfect railway solution for the trains of tomorrow

If you need to lay track in very shallow tunnels, slab tracks are a perfect solution. Almost no headroom is required during slab track assembly. As such, ballastless or slab tracks have proven perfect solutions for the construction of railway tunnels, train stations and train washing systems. Are you interested in Stabirail’s ballastless or slab track solutions? Reach out to them today to discuss the possibilities for your project!