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Collaborate with a material handling equipment supplier

Are you looking for an experienced material handling equipment supplier to collaborate with? J-Tec is the perfect partner for every engineering project. Their team consists of qualified in-house engineers that gained a lot of knowledge and experience throughout the years. When you decide to collaborate with J-Tec, you can expect support during every stage of the project, no matter your location. J-Tec’s ultimate passion is to build the best process solutions that will enable any costumer to thrive. Are you interested in a complete installation that is in line with the agreed performance expectations? Learn more!

The perfect partner for every engineering project

J-Tec draws on a limited range of well-established procedures and engineering practices, combined with direct and straightforward communication channels. In collaborating with J-Tec you’ll be ensured of the most efficient and flexible project management. As a supplier of material handling equipment and process engineering solutions, the company provides various services to leading players in the international food and chemical industry. Not only do they design, build and maintain processing systems for powders, pellets and liquids, they only deliver complete turnkey installations and single process lines. J-Tec supplies the best solutions for automated equipment and systems and offer the best possible support during every stage of the project.

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Are you looking for a material handling equipment supplier and are you interested in the services of J-Tec? This company has been active for more than 50 years in their field of expertise. Throughout the years they build up a lot of experience and international expertise. Because of this, they serve as the perfect partner for any engineering project. J-Tec is supplier independent and guarantees a customized solution for every specific situation. Would you like to know more about the products and services of this company? Get in touch with the professionals and discover in what way they can be of service to you and your company.