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Cryogenic valves that fully meet your requirements

Are you looking for a specialist in cryogenic valves for the specific systems in your industry? For all kinds of cryogen applications you will find the right expertise at Red Point. This company manufactures Ball, Check, Gate, Globe, Bouble block and Bleed, and tailor-made valves. It is founded in 1987 and since then they have specialized in materials such as Titanium and Nickel alloys, (Super) Duplex and corrosion-resistant alloys. Moreover, they deliver cryogenic valves to companies from various industries. The petrochemical, oil and gas, and pharmaceutical industry are some of the many examples. Also many offshore and onshore installations, oil refineries, gas storages and power installations include their high-quality cryogenic valves. Are you curious about their range and services? Take a look at their website and discover how Red Point can provide you with the right applications for your purposes.

Be ensured of a safe application of your cryogenic valves   

Cryogenic valves are needed to keep cryogenic gasses secure and safely contained. To function optimally, they have to withstand temperatures that are well below 100⁰F. To make sure that they are capable to withstand these temperatures, accurate safety and quality regulations are required. You can be ensured of a safe application of your cryogenic valves when you purchase them from Red Point. All of their valves meet the relevant criteria and are designed in accordance to industrial standards like BS6364, MSS SP-134 and ISO28921-1. Not only withstanding cold temperatures but also preventing leaks in the long term is a precondition of a high-quality cryogenic valve. This, of course, is a feature you can count on at Red Point.

A tailor-made solution for your processes

Every installation and industry needs its own cryogenic valves. Therefore, Red Point provides you with a tailor-made solution when it comes to your cryogenic applications. Would you like to receive more information or advice? Do not hesitate to contact this company to inquire after the possibilities for your processes.


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