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Discover professional breeding software, designed for agricultural companies

Are you working in the agricultural sector? And are you interested in simplifying your production processes? The use of a professional software program, that is especially designed for breeders, could be the perfect solution. Agro Business Solutions BV is a company that provides a special software program that offers a solution for professional breeders that are looking for a way to organize and centralize their data and make it easily accessible in a SAAS solution. The software program is called ABS breeding and allows breeders to handle breeding programs of field crops, vegetables and flowers. Learn more!

High-quality and customized breeding software

ABS Breeding is a multi-user application that can be accessed in a safe and easy manner from different locations and by various users at the same time. It is even possible to adjust the user rights, so you can obtain management reporting that is easier and more reliable. The breeding software program automatically guides breeders through the different processes, which results into a logical and efficient workflow. The activities, the results of your breeding company and other kinds of data are eventually brought together in an unprecedented user-friendly environment that is easily accessible and offers a clear, detailed overview. The breeding software can even be customized to your personal needs as a company. This is one of the reasons that this breeding software program is very popular among a wide variety of international companies that are active in the agricultural sector. As a breeder working with the ABS Breeding software, you gain more insight in the most important processes of your company through smart and instantly available reports and graphs. This way, it’s easy to enter, check and analyses your breeding and variety trials and to administer trademarks, sales and variety rights.

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As a breeder, it’s important to invest in a high-quality software program. Are you interested in using the software and would you like to gain some more information about the costs? Or do you have specific questions about the software? Get in touch with the company and discover how the professionals can be of service to you!