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Electrochemical activated water generators for a healthy environment

Do you also want to improve the overall health in your organization or facility? At Aquaox, they have developed electrochemical activated water generators that are safe for both the user and the environment. This specialist provides solutions for problems with fungi, mold, viruses and bacteria and has its own facilities for research, development and production in the Netherlands and the USA. Thanks to more than fifteen years of experience, they know exactly how to help you improve the overall health in your facility!

A safer way to improve the overall health

Chemicals are often used as a way to reduce bacteria and mold, but chemicals can sometimes be harmful to human health. That is why this expert developed green and biodegradable solutions for multiple industries, such as:

  • The food processing industry
  • Agri- and horticulture
  • The livestock industry

Their electrochemical activated water generators produce electrolyzed water onsite. This results in disinfectant and surfactant that is safe for humans and for the environment. You can use their machines as a stand alone generator, buy you can also implement them in your companies’ production process. They offer different generators, namely EA-, EC-, and MOW-systems. Each system has its own benefits and is designed for a different industry. The EA-systems are ideal for the agriculture, horticulture and intensive farming, the EC-systems for highly computerized processes and MOW-systems for water treatment systems. This expert is happy to advise you about their systems and which one is suitable for your business.

Discover the benefits of these systems

Do you want to engage with this expert for green and environmental-friendly electrochemical activated water generators? All their systems are user-friendly and can be controlled with the start/stop option easily. The systems can even be controlled remotely! If you would like to know more about these systems and the benefits of using them in your production process, then contact this expert and learn everything there is to know about their green solutions!