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Etsy small business ideas

Etsy small business ideas



Most of us have done it. Lugging a few boxes when moving house. Did you know that people who can do this well are in huge demand? Packing the van correctly and loading and unloading a house at a rapid pace.


You need a large bus that you can possibly rent for the occasion (and pass on to your customer). People don’t have time themselves or need an extra pair of hands to get the heavy boxes downstairs. You get to visit a lot of people and can help out at your leisure while building your own moving company.


What do you need?


Large transportation (you can rent it if you want)


Spatial awareness to pack as well as possible

Career coach

A career coach helps people find their (new) calling. You talk to people to find out what they like, but especially where their strengths lie. In this way you help people find a new and hopefully successful career that will last them for years to come.


There are plenty of courses to do in this area so you can retrain yourself to be a good career advisor. In addition, some people have the gift of finding their calling in someone else. Are you such a career savant? Then you can get a lot of success and enjoyment out of your new business.


What do you need?


People skills


Knowing what is going on in the job market

Sensible: as soon as you register at the KVK you will receive an invoice for € 50. With e-bookkeeper or Informer this is easily arranged.


Motivational speaker

People with a fascinating life story are a welcome guest at companies or schools. You can think of (former) athletes, criminals or entrepreneurs. Someone with a special life story can motivate others to do the right thing.


In general, people are often searching for what they want with their lives. Also, sometimes the youth is in the starting blocks to go down the wrong path. Stories of people who have been through it all can literally change people’s lives. Are you someone with such a story? Then consider starting your own business as a motivational speaker.


What do you need?


A compelling life story with a message

A smooth talk


Renting spaces

Bands, companies or just a group of friends who need to prepare something are regularly looking for a space to use. A band needs practice space and a company sometimes wants to do important meetings in a different location.


Therefore, renting out these venues can also be very lucrative. It doesn’t have to be big right away. You could rent out your barn or garage to the local band every Wednesday night. A redundant barn can also be transformed into a brainstorming location where the new Apple or Facebook is thought up. You can also make a good living out of this.


What do you need?


A space

Connections in your community

Sensing what your tenants are looking for in the location


Are you a hairdresser or just good at knotting hair? Then with a few tools you can relatively easily visit people to cut them. In the evening hours or just when it suits the customer. Many people value that personal contact.


The eternal conversations at the hairdresser’s about work and whether you have almost weekend soon get boring. We used to have a hairdresser at home who came by every six weeks. We knew her through the grapevine and she ate with the family every time she came for a haircut. It took some getting used to when I first had to go to a ‘normal’ hairdresser again. Give me that personal contact. Can you do this? Then you have your own hairdressing business set up in no time.


What do you need?


The right tools


Loving the personal contact with your client

Uber driver

With the internet, things like information are easily available to us. The same goes for a cab ride. We no longer have to stand on the street corner waving, we can just order a car in an app. Of course, there has to be someone willing to take you to your location.


For a company like Uber, you can get the right paper within three days. As a layman with a driver’s license, it takes a few weeks and up to about €2800. Do you already drive a lot? Then sometimes there are not even costs involved. Three days of a course and you are ready to go. As an uber driver you can get in the car when you want to earn some money. 


What do you need?


A driving license

A car

A license of Uber



business management 


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