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Excellent maintenance of your LM 2500 gas turbine

Do you need spare parts for a General Electric gas turbine such as the LM 2500? Then Mechanical Field Support B.V (MFS) is the company you are looking for. MFS is one the most knowledgeable support companies for GE gas turbines and delivers every spare part you will ever need. The company has spent years specializing in gas turbine maintenance, services, site management and spare part delivery. Because of this experience, you can hire MFS to carry out regular inspections, maintenance, repairs and other services on gas turbines and similar systems. There is no better service you can wish for.

A variety of gas turbines, components and services

The LM 2500 gas turbine is used in marine and industrial sectors. More particularly in power generation plants, commercial marines and offshore industries. MFS offers two types of this gas turbine, including the necessary spare parts to maintain it:

  • The LM 2500 that delivers 33,600 shp
  • The LM 2500+ that delivers 40,500 shp

Other LM series, such as 1600, 5000 and 6000, are also provided by this company. When you choose for their services, you benefit from high-quality technology, high efficiency, low downtime and competitive prices. Moreover, Mechanical Field Support B.V. is ISO 9001:2008, VCA and SCC certified. In other words; you can count on a lot of expertise.

Let the specialist take care of your power

Looking for a supplier of spare parts for the LM 2500 or other gas turbine? Contact MFS immediately! The employees will always strive to improve profitability, reduce downtime and decrease total cost of ownership for your business. Moreover, this company provides consulting, training and field service as well. For maintenance, support and replacement parts for your gas turbine engines, this company is the best choice as well. Let MFS take care of your power and you do not have to worry about any gas-related issues.