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Facts About Ductless Air Conditioning Units

Because of the many backgrounds as the innovators of the hot water heating industry, ductless air conditioning systems are well versed at implementing and planning cooling services for homes without conventional ductwork.

The technology is also particularly suited to areas where conventional air conditioners and heaters cannot be installed due to the lack of space or improper site. In most cases, these systems require professional installation by licensed and experienced air conditioner installers in order to make the most efficient use of energy and maximize comfort.

Most often, such specialized air conditioner units are employed by business establishments such as restaurants and hotels, but in some locations including condos, it is possible to have them fitted as standard equipment. More recently, they have been developed for residential use to provide cool temperatures during the summer months and warm settings in the winter months. For this reason, consumers living in small dwellings and apartments can benefit from them too. As well, there are various special models that can be used in different applications including residential homes, offices, and industrial facilities. One such model that can be used in both the commercial and residential markets is the Split-zone Cooling and Air Conditioning (SCAC) systems.

The popularity of ductless split air conditioners is on the rise in Canada. They can be easily adapted to any type of location including commercial and residential homes and offices. The installation process involves installing single trap air conditioning units at the location. This results in the utilization of a single power supply including the common household electrical outlet.

These units are made with advanced technology to conserve energy, including intelligent motor controls, remote temperature monitoring, and auto shutdown features. A typical system includes one or two heat pumps, a single evaporator or condenser, and one or more ductless cooling engines. It is very common to find systems that also have ducts that allow the cooling of the incoming air from refrigerants to the outdoors. In addition to all these features, these units are now being offered with the latest technology like variable speed fans and ice and snow resistant systems.

Most Toronto heat pump manufacturers offer ductless cooling and heating systems with all the modern features. They come with auto shut off features that can be programmed for on or off depending upon the time of day. The most popular models are those that are built-in with the home or office heating system. Some come with a thermostat that can be programmed with desired heating or cooling levels.

Most ductless systems come with automatic programmable thermostats. An advanced heat pump can maintain a comfortable room temperature even in extreme weather conditions. You can now get a heating and air conditioning unit that has been built-in with the heating and cooling system of your home or office. The benefits of ductless systems include low energy costs, quiet operation, greater energy savings, and easy installation.