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FIFA 21: Title Update 4: Gameplay And General Updates

A few days ago, EA has released the fourth major update for FIFA 21. That patch brought major changes to the gameplay, the game modes and fixed a long list of issues experienced by the community. In this article, we will focus on the gameplay and general changes to the game.

Update 4 has made changes to the referee AI; these adjustments aim to reduce the number of yellow cards they could give during a match. There has also been a change to the requirements of the Ball Roll to Scoop Turn combination. Your players will need a five star Skill Move Rating in order to perform the move. Additionally, the “Royal Wave” Celebration will be enabled when you request a random celebration.

Several issues have been addressed in the patch. The referee will no longer end a match randomly during stoppage time. Players will no longer float in the air after certain actions. The CPU AI has been adjusted in order to be less erratic in some situations. The patch will also fix some animations issues when tackling an opponent. The goalkeeper will no longer be stuck when he tries to retrieve the ball.

On the same note, the booking scene will now trigger normally after a player injury while the CPU AI will no longer act in an illogic manner when losing a match. Player heads will no longer shift randomly during certain scenes. Moreover, outfield players’ animations will no longer bug after that player has a collision with the goalkeeper. Finally, the goal frame will now shake in the wrong way when hit by the ball.

In certain conditions during a match, a goal will no longer be considered as an own goal when it was scored by the opponent. The advantage icon will now disappear if the referee called an advantage while the first half of a game was ending. Penalty kicks will normally be awarded after a foul in the box. Unnecessary auto switches will no longer happen after a header pass in certain game scenarios.

Update 4 is an important improvement to the game and while we wait for the next-gen version of the game, it is sure to make the base game more enjoyable. FUTeamGo offers you FUT coins at the best prices.


(Contributed by mezaoyabin; Edited by Hermes_Fang)