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Photobooth Sydney – Another Great Place to Use For a Wedding

If you want a great photo booth experience at your next Sydney event, why not book one of the many photo booths available? Most of the Photobooth Sydney celebrations take place during the weekdays. However there are always some different themes to select from, and when you’re a keen photographer you’ll love how they’ve got photo booths where you get unlimited photo opportunities whilst you’re at the event. What’s more, is that most of these places are located in prime locations around Sydney Harbour. So no matter where you are or what time you’re planning to attend these events, you’ll be able to find a photo booth close by at no cost to you. 

Some of the more popular photo booths at the photobooth Sydney include The Glamorous Golden Oak Lab, The Photobooth Sydney Secret Garden Party, and The Photobooth Sydney Fashion Show. All of these offer something different to their customers. Here we’ve listed some of the more popular offerings both in terms of location and price. 

If you’re looking for a more unique experience, you might want to go to the Glamorous Golden Oak Lab. This is located on Harbor Island, right next to the Sydney Opera House. It offers a more hi-tech experience than some of the other photo booths at the photo booth Sydney. However, if you need something less expensive, you might want to check out the other offerings at the photo booth in Sydney.

They are all well priced and a great way to see Sydney. 

If you’re more of a casual fan, you might want to consider the photo booths at the Photobooth Sydney Secret Garden Party. This is a relatively new offering of photo booths but the photos you get there will surely put a smile on your face. The only downside to this photo booth Sydney is that it isn’t open year-round. It only opens for two weeks in May. Other places like the Glamorous Golden Oak Lab do, open all year round. 

If you have a lot of money to spend then you might want to check out the photo booth of Sydney’s competitor, the Glamorous Golden Oak Lab. This one is also located on Harbour Island and offers a more hi-tech approach to getting your pictures taken. Of course, this one has more high tech equipment than the photo booth Sydney does. If you haven’t checked out the photo booth rental cost of this one yet then you should definitely do so. It is highly worth it in the end. You will never forget your pictures.


If you are in the mood to photograph family and friends or just want to be creative with your images during the day then you might want to try out the photography rentals at the photo booth Sydney. These days there are even packages available that allow you to just rent the equipment, bring your own camera and take advantage of all the different aspects that the photo booth rental has to offer. The prices are very reasonable as well and for most of these packages, the photo booth rental is going to last the entire day. 

Another thing to consider about the photo booth Sydney is that although you can use the equipment for a long time, the rates do tend to rise during certain holidays. This is true with the New Year and Christmas. Generally speaking, when these dates arise, the rates will be at their highest. If you do plan on using the photo booth for more than one evening then make sure you book them well in advance. Most of these locations run all year round and there is no limit to how many you can use it for. 

Photobooth Sydney is another great place to go if you have a wedding coming up and you want to be able to capture all of the important moments. These photo booths provide a way to not only capture the pictures but also display them so everyone can see how wonderful everyone looked. You would want the photos you take to really stand out because the guests are going to remember them. The booths are also a great way to thank the guests for coming and being a part of your event.

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