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Pressure Control Solutions: Your supplier of Back Pressure Regulators

Pressure Control Solutions as the single authorized distributor of Equilibar back pressure regulators in Northwestern Europe (Flemish Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland). Back Pressure Regulators are high-value and innovative instruments than can be used in process engineering to control process pressure but they can also be applied to control flow/mass flow, level or temperature for example.

Different types of back pressure regulators & different areas of application and use across industries

Although the general operating principle is the same for all Equilibar back pressure regulators, we do offer different product lines for specific application purposes and industries. The Research Series includes a range of back pressure regulators that are suitable for applications and process lines in universities, academia, research and development departments. The Research Series thus includes back pressure regulators and valve specifically suitable for no or very small flows (further divided into Zero Flow Series, Low Flow Series and Ultra Low Flow Series back pressure regulators), as well as for high flow or high temperatures. Customer applications include a broad array of research and development work in chemical and engineering faculties. Analytical processes and calibration processes that include an element of pressure control are also very common. Catalyst screening and other catalysis processes, electrolysis and crossflow filtration are some examples that are worked out in more detail on our applications page on the Pressure Control Solutions website. The Research Series furthermore contains a miniature back pressure regulator that is smaller than the diameter of an average coffee cup, so that it will fit in just about any application that you can think of. With its unsurpassed rangeability and available material selections, the LVF miniature back pressure regulator is a very special precision instrument for very special process conditions.

The BR Series

The BR Series is specially designated for process that create blockage as this instrument is designed to be blockage resistant, making it a particularly useful back pressure regulator for CO2 extraction applications. The GS Series and BD Series pertain to back pressure regulators that are built of materials and in sizes/connection types that make these pressure regulators particularly useful for pilot plant builders and system integrators (GS Series) and industrial applications (BD Series), given the different capacities that come with different sizes and materials. Examples of processes where our back pressure regulators are put to work include fuel cell testing and production, energy production processes, waste management and recycling processes;  pump control is also very often successfully implemented through Equilibar back pressure regulators. 

For pressure control issues specific for sanitary or hygienic, Pressure Control Solutions offers also back pressure regulators that are designed to meet requirements around contamination prevention and easy cleaning and reassembly. This is the FD Series for use in the pharmaceutical market, biopharmaceutical processes as well as biotech. Distillation, separation, filtration and other chemical processes are often better performed by applying pressure. Pressure control thus is an important element in process engineering for these industries. The FD Series is also particularly useful in the Food & Beverages industry, where pressure control also plays an important role in many different levels: Applications vary from food production and ingredient adding/dosing to pick & place lines and food or beverage packing. In cases where that is more appropriate, a single use option is available with our SD Series, consisting of a metal cradle and a disposable inlay. Visit the website for more information.