Three reasons to get the NBA 2K18 Standard Version

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Here are three reasons to opt for the digital standard NBA 2K18 version instead of the legend or legend gold editions.

The standard NBA 2K18 version is the cheapest but it offers the same gameplay and access to the same game modes like the other two versions. The only difference is the pre-order bonus, the customization items and some physical goodies. For the standard game, players pay $50 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. The price for the current generation consoles is $70. The legend edition is $90 and the legend gold one is $140. The price differs depending on exchange rates and players location. So the difference between the standard and the legend editions is at least $40. The VC bonus is indeed helpful and the physical goodies are nice collectibles but the price difference is not really worth it.

Same Content
NBA 2K18 standard edition is the same in terms of gameplay and content. Players have access to the same features no matter what version they choose. They will still be able to carve their path to NBA stardom in MyCareer, collect players in MyTeam and take part in other game modes like MyGym and MyPark. As far as multiplayer goes, there is still no news on the cross platform support. Chances are that NBA 2K18 will follow the same multiplayer model as NBA 2K17. Players can interact with those that are playing on the same system or platform.

Digital versions for the legend and legend gold editions are available for PC on Steam and for consoles from the official stores. Although these versions don’t include the physical items, the price is the same so players end up paying more for some VC, MyTeam packs and customization items. Getting the box for the legend and legend gold editions might be tricky depending on where in the world players are located. For those living outside the USA, these NBA 2K18 versions may come at a very expensive price considering import taxes and all. Getting the digital standard version is the best NBA 2K18 deal. The NBA 2K18 MT are playing the important role in game playing, which can help you to build a strong team.