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Tree planting companies find their solution with this company’s technology

Because an urban environment is not always suitable for planting trees, tree planting companies have to face a lot of challenges when they create natural areas in cities. However, there are many solutions to let trees thrive and mature in an environment which cannot offer the necessary natural sources. The innovative company Treebuilders offers aid to tree planting companies in the form of urban planting solutions. Moreover, they create a balance between maintaining city nature and protect city infrastructure and utilities buried underground.

The challenges of tree planting companies

Of course, tree planting companies are innovating as well, but the techniques used to undertake city nature projects often need solutions which make the process a lot easier. After all, cities are very different from the natural environment of trees. Trees often die prematurely because their roots lack sufficient space to expand. Consequently, they are unable to absorb water to grow and stay alive. Also, the city infrastructure could be damaged by uncontrolled root growing to the surface.

The bioretention system

Treebuilders has built experience and gained knowledge through discussion with nurseries, landscape architects and other professionals. One excellent solution is Treebuilders’ bioretention system. Because urban areas are difficult environments for water management, trees are not able to absorb enough clean water. Urbanization has altered the natural water balance leading to a much greater discharge of waste water and poor-quality runoff. The bioretention system serves both subsurface water retention and infiltration, which makes effective clean water management possible.

Enquire for the possibilities

Besides the bioretention system, Treebuilders has a lot more solutions to offer in order to realize an optimal city nature creation and preservation. They have also created, for example, the ‘sandwich construction’; a pressure spreading system that keeps soil from compacting and increases the available space for root growth. The experts of Treebuilders are willing to discuss the possibilities and answer all your questions about their technologies. Feel free to contact this company.